martes, 13 de abril de 2010

Man Ray

Man Ray
The daily peek

Born in 1890, Emmanuel Rudzitsky is considered one of Dadá movement co founder, allong with Marcel Duchamp and Francis Picabia. Some of his passions were sculpture, film, painting and photography. This last thing was motivated by surrealist visions of the female body, using various photographic techniques as solarization, cropping, burning, etc, to achieve the effects he created.
Recreating lines & making new borns seems easy but I feel like surrealism pursues the complete opposite. Convert something created into something of its purest nature. Something human. Some gift from a God we haven't exactly met yet. That's what art is all about. Poor little word, all transgressed. Anyway, I don't like ready-mades, but I like the way Ray took advantage of the essence of what it means. And that can be seen on the sculptures above. Enjoy and always let yourself be digged by new worlds and unknown pleasures.





man ray – a lheure de l´observatiore les amoureux, 1934

Lee Miller's Neck - 1930

Tears - 1930


Electricity - 1926

domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

Robert Mapplethorpe - The daily peek

Robert Mapplethorpe

Just sharing some photographs I find trully amusing and inspiring.
Robert Mapplethorpe was born in 1946 in a catholic environment. The only thing I dislike is how he admired Warhol. Anyway, the first thing coming to my mind was the feeling of tasting the purest/dirtiest milk ever, as I first watched his work. Regardless his work comes from homosexual repression or not, (like the first comment I received when sharing) that's not what really matters, but the perpetuity that images like these can make you feel/see. Out of worlds we've met before.

Self-Portrait. 1985. Self-Portrait with Bullwhip. 1978.

Brian Ridley and Lyle Heeter. 1979.

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